Speed your IAM implementations with our

IAM Accelerators

Reduce Onboarding Time

IAM implementations can be time consuming. Ilantus builds tools that can be used to accelerate IAM implementations. As an example: Our iART tool helps reducing Application data gathering time by more than 50%. Many customers are using the tool to ensure ROI from the IAM implementations is maximised.

The biggest challenge when it comes to implementing and managing an IAM environment is creating connectors between the IGA (Identity Governance and Administration) system and the required applications. And this is not just a one-time process. Every time a new app is required by the organization, it must be onboarded into the IAM system.

IAMA Reduce Onboarding Time Image

What can iART do?

iART Live Image


Automate coordinating with application owners

Take control

Flexibility of delegation, notification, escalation, tracking and reporting

Efficient workflow

Collect all pre-requisites for onboarding any application with a campaign driven workflow

Who is iART for?

Its for everybody! If you are an organization that handles application onboarding for your IGA environment yourself, the tool is online-based and requires no expertise to use. If you are a managed services provider, you can utilize the product with its enormous scalability as well.

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